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Why Continue Your Business With Us ?

MIRA (Valuable Digital Asset, Transparent for everyone Arround the World.) is a Blockchain technology company. Our mission is to accelerate the mass adoption of digital assets by bridging traditional and decentralized finance.

The world’s financial system needs upgrading. In an age of increasing globalization, money transfers still rely on outdated legacy systems. Payment solutions and financial services require numerous intermediaries and are often siloed. Most forms of currency are issued and controlled by centralized governments.


Q4 | 2020

Team Recruitment, Planning, Building Website and Social Media and Private Sale Start

Q1 | 2021

Presale, Prepare Listing On Several Exchanger, Increase Community.

Q2 | 2021

Development Mira Financial Decentralized Project.

Q3 | 2021

Implementation Mira Decentralized Financial Project.

Q4 | 2021

Development Nusantara Marketplace and Gallery.

Q1 | 2022

Prelaunch Nusantara Marketplace and Gallery. Build some anticipation and buzz around the upcoming launch and generate valuable leads

Q2 | 2022

Launch Nusantara Marketplace and Gallery.

Q3 | 2022

Business development from Nusantara Marketplace and Gallery. Collaborate with several artists to work together.

Q4 | 2022

Development Charity program for help other people.

Q1 | 2023

Cooperation with foundations to help children's education.

What we can do for you

Main Goal Our Project.

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In order to use the service, you simply deposit your preferred amount of asset. After depositing, you will earn passive income based on the protocol’s monetary policy.

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listing products in Nusantara marketplace, Sell, Find and Start Collect.

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We had about 100 people who made donations -- we raised donations for children's charities -- who join with us.

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Mira Defi
Token Informations

  • Ticker Name : MIRA

  • Total Supply : 1,200,000.00000000 MIRA

  • Decimal : 18

  • Smart Contract : TJ6CjSftX7ifUoBtK2VcvAKzcut9cnfrhq

Our Experts.

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